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Welcome to NKB Fitness

Here at NKB Fitness we offer a variety of classes for both adults and children including Kickboxing, Abs, Circuits and Body Combat Fitness, to name a few

We have a large gym area where you can come along, bust out a session then head back on with your day.

The gym is a well-equipped area with 2 spin bikes, 2 rowers, 1 treadmill, recumbent bike, a variety of arms and legs machines, chest press, squat rack, benches, sit up bench, free weights and battle ropes.  It is an ideal place for those who prefer to train without lots of people around you.

I also offer Personal Training sessions. Please contact me for more info

The large matting area is available to rent for just £10 per hour.  

My children’s classes are strict but there is a lot of fun involved within them.

I reward the children with grading belts, but these are only for a motivational tool and not a real grading.  This is to help the children to stay motivated and happy when they achieve something new.  I like to keep children active and healthy.

My adult classes are for all levels and abilities.  The classes are not based on how many of each exercise you need to complete, it is designed so that if you need to rest and get a drink there is no pressure, you work at your own pace.

Parents can bring their children to any one of my classes or personal training sessions, making it a family friendly environment.  We have a separate children’s area with a TV, games and iPads.

I have a very high success rate for clients losing weight.  eg. one of my clients lost 5 stone in 5 months through exercise and healthy eating.

I like to help you to reach your goal as quickly as you can; ensuring you do it safely and can keep the weight off.

?You pay for results, not sessions?

Come on over to NKB Fitness to see what we are all about.


My name is Nicole and this is my story.

I started kickboxing from about 15 years old as a way of helping to channel my anger.  I had/have ADHD and I found that kickboxing was the only release and it helped me to overcome it.

I enjoy helping others that may have any learning difficulties and I am always wanting to help children that are being bullied (a way to help them to defend themselves).


I started to get back into training with Nicole about 4 months ago after a long break. She has been full of encouragement and kept my motivation going strong. A very dear friend. I love the routines she gives me and the classes; even If I am unable to move after. I am slowly achieving my goal but more importantly I have gained more confidence in myself and feel fitter and healthier as I continue this journey. (Also I can now do a full sit up… whoop)

Mel Vaughan

I have been coming to NKB since April, I was nervous as was not sure what to expect and at pushing 14 1/2 stone dreaded the thought of any exercise. As soon as I walked in I was welcomed by an array of friendly faces and felt at ease. I train with Nicole at least twice a week and I love the way she actually listens to what you want not just does a fixed workout and uses it for all clients she focuses on what you want to achieve. Nicole is always happy to answer questions and give help and advice, she also listens to me moan when things are not going well and I have a bad weekend lol. My weight continues to drop and the inches are coming off from all round, I feel happy, healthy, more confident and have made lots of new friends along the way.

Lindsey McAllister

I don’t have many pictures at my worst I would hide from the camera and if I was caught by the camera I would mostly do everything I can to get pictures with me in deleted.  Usually leading up to an event and the more I think about how much I hate being big is a time when I will pile on more lbs. March 2017 I was introduced to NKB World I was so nervous that going would give me huge anxiety and on my first PT I went into a full panic attack. I was so out of breath I felt my throat narrowed and my mind was in overdrive considering whether to leave at that moment and never go back. I was given time and support to recover and I don’t think I will ever forget the support I felt from Nicole and Sophie on that session and on following sessions and that support is what I have thrived off and how I have continued to return and get to where I am today.  It has been slow progress on my part but you both always help me find my way and I am so great full! I am not where I want to be but I am also not where I was and I am very proud and thankful to you of that.

Kerry Goswell

I have been big for as long as I can remember. I never found the motivation… Until Nicole came into my life! She is kind and sensitive but encouraging and supportive. Food ideas, exercise plans and classes. I began in March and have lost 1.5 stone and about 28 inches….So far. It’s never easy to lose at this age (56) but I have been more motivated since Nicole started helping me. Love this true professional trainer.

Sue Godwin

After joining NKB World run by Nicole within 2 months I had lost weight and started to tone up! This is something I have been trying to do for the last 3 years but hadn’t managed to achieve until now! The group is supportive and friendly with a great atmosphere. The healthy eating plans and exercises are easy to follow but more importantly they work and you see results! Nicole is a fabulous motivational trainer with a vast knowledge of nutrition and exercises. She inspires you to succeed to reach your goals. I would highly recommend Nicole/NKB World to anyone who wants to lose weight and tone up or just simply to get and keep fit and healthy!

Kelly Walton

I have been working out with Nicole for 3mths as I needed motivation to lose weight but also to find me. Nicole is an amazing trainer and mentor, she support you through every step of your journey even when you feel you are failing she will go out of her way to support you 100%.
I joined her classes which are fun and change weekly which means you never get bored plus the group supports each other.
Nicole set me exercises to complete daily at home as working long hours not always easy to get to classes, you have to put in the work if you want results it’s not easy but Nicole supports you all the way. She is knowledgable and really helped me at a low point, I know I couldn’t have got to where I am today without her.
Starting weight 11stone 6llb and in 3 mths I am now sitting at 9stone 13llb

Chrissie Swift

Contact me to book yourself or children on to any classes or personal training sessions.
For a diet plan tailored to you. For an exercise plan. Or for advice.

Please remember feel confident and stay motivated and I will help you achieve your goals!