Here you will find a list of all our classes and times for both adults and children. Please scroll down for our plans. Use the following link to book on to any of our classes.

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5 Day Diet Plan £10

The diet plan is a layout of foods and recipes all in order for you to make each day. The recipes are very quick and easy to make and if there is anything in the diet you do not like it can be changed to suit you.

(This plan has been proven to lose up to 11 lb in 5 days)

30 Day Diet Plan £15

. Lots of different options to pick from.
. You can eat up to 6 times per day.
. Only eat what you like.
. Everything is explained and is simple to follow.

(This diet plan has been proven to lose 2 stone in 30 days)

Biggest Loser Yet Diet Plan £30

Welcome to our newest plan!!

This is NKB’s NEWSEST plan out.  It has been tried and tested by over 50 people.

The average weight loss has been between 1 & 2 stone in the 4 weeks on the plan.

3 meals a day

2 snacks a day

Excellent and straight forward plan to follow with a shopping list included

4 Week Home Exercise Plan £10

This plan can be used for as long as you like. There are different challenges and exercises each day. You can decide how many times you repeat each set of exercises. If there is something you cannot do then you simply do the ones you can.

(This exercise plan has been proven to lose 1 stone in 30 days)

4 Week Ab Plan £10

This plan targets different areas of your stomach. Short, sharp, daily exercises to help tone and lose weight.

Tightens mummy tummies!

4 Week Gym Exercise Plan £15

This plan is for any level, any age. It can be used in any gym and uses gym equipment and some floor work.

The exercises are set out for you, ranging from legs, arms, abs and cardio.

You decide what size weights you lift. You can progress each session.

(Proven to lose 2 stone in 1 month)