Gymnastics With Lucie Coleback

Want to know more about NKB fitness classes?

My name is Lucie Colebeck and I am a level 2 women’s artistic and level 1 tumbling coach in which I’ve been doing so for 7 years. I started coaching recreational gymnastics then moved onto coaching women’s artistic and tumbling gymnastics. I now work in schools working with children improving things from their hand eye coordination and basic gymnastic skills.

I decided to start coaching gymnastics when I was 14 and I got into it as I was (and still am) a competative tumbling gymnast for Great Britain. I wanted to be able to work with children and teach them skills in which they didn’t think they were able to do and seeing their face after they’ve done it is the best part of the job! My classes range from 5+ years and entail all sorts of gymnastics. I start with the basics of gymnastics i.e. shapes, jumps, rolls etc

It then progresses onto the more complex skills within gymnastics. The sessions will start with a warm up sometimes including a game and conditioning (strength exercises), then a head-to-toe stretch. After this has even completed I will teach the skills I’ve planned for that session (again starting with the basics and moving up the skill ladder). We will then finish with a cool down ensuring stretches are done and held to reduce lactic acid to avoid injury.

My main aim for the sessions are for the children to have a good time and enjoy themselves in a safe environment; but also gain understanding and better knowledge of gymnastics.